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About Us

Why Choose

We is passionate about being part of the family life products, and designed to fit your needs.
With 60+ talented people producing over 3500 types of paper fashion products, and throughout providing sustainable fashion paper product manufacturing that our customers and consumers can be proud to share and serve, we add game-changing functionality your needs to power you ahead of the competition with the creative design and R & D.
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Fashion Paper Product Manufacturing
Carefully selected & sustainably sourced Paper+ modern technology & know-how. This is how we drive change.
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Our Service Process
In the near future, we aspire to become one of the world’s most credible paper product manufactures who is well known for one-stop paper products and product manufacturing line solution (OEM&ODM)
Become the world's largest environmental protection paper manufacturing brand.
Identify market opportunities and technology response.
Demonstrate commercial and technical capability.
Evaluate and select a winning technical/commercial concept.
Demonstrate production capability and commercial sign-off.
Challenge the market opportunity and analyze the technical feasibility and risks.
Produce in quantity and deliver to customer. Audit and react.
Our 3 Core Values
Commitment to Quality
Put People First
Innovate Every Day
Use Technology For Better Alternatives
The best fashion paper product imaginable on the planet.
We are dedicated not only to making a better product, but also a better world — to be better ourselves.
That is why we challenge ourselves every day to drive sustainability through innovation.
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