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About Us

Harbora Paper

Our History
Innovation is where we started in 2012 when our founder William Lee invented paper art manufacturing for wedding industry.
This landmark innovation solved an unmet need: Adorning your wedding with the love of your life.
2nd innovation is when we started in 2017 for solving an unmet need: Reduce the use of plastic straws.
Our innovative approach to satisfying customer needs is still emblematic of our philosophy today.
For us, innovation comes in many forms,including improving existing products and manufacturing processes,
pioneering concepts and finding ways to enhance shelf appeal, convenience and sustainability, or increasing consumer engagement.
Harbora Paper is passionate about being part of the family life products, providing sustainable paper product manufacturing that our customers and consumers can be proud to share and serve.
Game-changing & Special
We are rethinking paper. Different. Clever.
Revolutionary. Sustainable.