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About Us

Harbora Paper

Our Value
No matter where we are in the world, there are Six values that define our organization’s culture. These values remain steadfast even as we evolve our product portfolio and expand our geographic footprint to better serve customers. They also inspire the decisions we make daily as well as our future goals and plans.
Commitment to Quality
Customer satisfaction is our highest priorities. Our products play a critical role in protecting our customer’s products and their brand image and help influence consumers at the point-of-sale. That is why we have built an integrated, international manufacturing approach designed to ensure high quality by continuously improving the performance and cost-effectiveness of all our products and processes.
Put People First
Our workforce is the key to our success. As such, we have built a Total Safety Culture that provides the framework for all health and safety initiatives across the Company and empowers employees to take a proactive role in their safety and that of their peers. As part of this focus, we place a priority on employee development, offering a mix of learning opportunities including work experience, coaching, training and education.
Innovate Every Day
Maintaining our position to be a top global supplier requires constant innovation, determination and a deep understanding of customer and market needs. Today, our 3500 paper products, including paper straw, paper decoration, paper honeycomb ornaments,
Christmas decoration, paper furniture, paper window display, holiday decoration etc., spur consumer engagement and enhance our role in industry– all while enhancing production efficiency and being environmentally-friendly. Our paper product division is also focused on innovation, developing creative paper products and solutions as part of a long-term strategy to optimize efficiencies and enhance the sustainability of the supply chain.
Be relentless. Deliver superior results. Adopt a sense of urgency. Make things happen.
Be direct, truthful and transparent. Respectfully express opinion. Know how to say no, but be positive and offer solutions.
Be practical. Focus on what is important. Adopt a hands-on approach. Avoid bureaucracy.
Use Technology For Better Alternatives
The best fashion paper product imaginable on the planet.
We are dedicated not only to making a better product, but also a better world — to be better ourselves.
That is why we challenge ourselves every day to drive sustainability through innovation.
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